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Customer customized case: Exmight since its inception, for many customers at home and abroad to provide a customized service.Customer details:

The strength of the company: the company a floor for mold workshop, launched a year 2-3 new models, customers can according to their own circumstances, OEM / ODM customization. Company two floor for the office and R & D center, the company on the third floor for the packaging workshop, the four floor for the warehouse. Companies to participate in a variety of large-scale electronic products exhibition every year, to promote our products.

Custom process: Communication customized needs - the volume of body design program to confirm - to determine the effect of proof - to determine the effect of cooperation in the signing of the contract - custom production quality and quantity - acceptance of long-term cooperation

Customized recommendations:
1 select the type, quantity, packing, delivery time of the products according to your budget and the purpose of advertising (or other use).
2 you want to send printed LOGO, text, pattern, design a sample company to contact you to confirm.
3 screen effect of the production cycle for 24 hours
4 effect chart and production plan to production department, and according to the date of MRP production
5 production departments to prepare all kinds of accessories for production
6 production of custom table components
7 product list for assembly
8 delivery time and delivery mode. General: production cycle for 3-5 days, delivery time is 7-10 days.
(if the goods are in urgent need of the goods, we should confirm with the production department)
9 deposit problem. Need to deposit 30%-50%, can net transfer and Trading
10 order receipt confirmation fax order (all customer requirements of products and the deposit certificate, and confirm it customers)
11 make the product feedback to the customer, and notify the customer to play the end
12.. After receiving the end, immediately shipped